Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uncle Eric the linguist

So here I am writing again in this blog spot (or blogspot even) twice in one month. Twice in a few days, even!
What's the world coming to?

Well, it's coming down to the fact that I don't have enough energy to write something longer, like the half-year movie ten best list I'll do later this week. But I DO have enough energy to make a few additions to something already out there.

My friend Cathy sent me an impossibly adorable video of her baby laughing. I also spent some time recently with my "niece" Marta, who is about 17 months old. When she's not busy walking back and forth, handing me everything she owns (and sometimes things her parents own), she's quite the chatterbox.

These two young-uns brought to mind a Life in Hell comic by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. It's called "How to Understand Your Baby's Gibberish."

Yeah, I know, it's kinda small. But here's an enlarged version. (As far as I know, Groening never actually made a part two.) 

So I thought it might be fun for me to make a handful of additions/embellishments to this list. 

Ha-ha. 1. Funny. 2. Noisy panting. 3. Mommy and/or daddy and/or whoever is making weird faces at me sure are goobers. 

'Kay  - Abbreviation, short for "OK." 1. Yes. 2. Sure! 3. Affirmative.  4. Sir, yes sir! 5. I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever you say, mom/dad. Note - "O" is not short for "OK." 

Hi-yum. 1. Greetings! 2. Salutations! 3. Hey there! 4. How's it hanging? 5. I am garbling the Jewish phrase that means "To life!" 

No. - 1. Negative. 2. Nothin' doin. 3. Yuck! Who can eat this glop? 4. You have GOT to be kidding me! 5. I say this just to mess with your head when you ask me if I love you.

Num, num, num, NUM!  1. I'm hungry. 2. Feed me, damn you! 3. I want whatever you're eating, even if it is grossly inappropriate for me. e.g. JalapeƱo poppers.

Wah! 1. Ow! 2. YEOWTCH! 3. Feed me, I said! 4. I can no longer tolerate this wet/soiled disposable absorbent device! 4. Get away! 5. I hate mommy and/or daddy! 6. $#$^@*&!!!! 7. Don't you know the world is a foul sty?

Yay. 1. I like this. 2. I wholeheartedly approve. 3. Nice! 4. Hooray! 5. A movie? Cool! (No, seriously, Marta does this whenever a movie comes on. My kinda kid!) 

Feel free to make your own additions in the comments! 

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