Monday, March 7, 2011

Florida 2011 recap Day 1

Hellloooooo out there ...

It's been awhile since I've written in this blog spot, mainly because most of my writing has been directed at my newspaper work and at Sir Critic. Well, this blog originally started when I went on a trip to New Orleans, and I just came back from a trip to Florida. So it's time to dust Robinette Reflects off, look through the glass and recap my vacation.

I almost didn't go on this trip at all, deciding to travel only at the 11th hour. Was probably more like the 10th, really. But in the end, the trip turned out to be a much-needed tonic, and I'm very glad I decided to go.

After a somewhat hairy start with canceled flights, I arrived in Orlando only about an hour later than planned. After picking up my rental car, I headed out to meet with my longtime friend Angie and her boyfriend Derek at his place. By this time it was late enough to eat dinner, and I hadn't had anything to eat since early that morning.

When I go out on trips, I'm very keen to go to places that aren't in Ohio, and our dinner fell along those lines. We went to an area pizza chain called Mellow Mushroom, but don't let the name fool you. The place is kind of mellow, but it offers much more than mushrooms, which is a good thing, since I've never understood the appeal of that particular fungus.

Evoking 60s-era sights and sounds (one can practically hear Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" when you enter the place), Mellow Mushroom actually offers a pizza called Magical Mystery Tour, but I was not dying for that pizza to take me away, since it had Portobello mushrooms - the aforementioned deal-breaker. So instead, I opted for the Red Skin Potato Pie, which features not only red potato, but sour cream and ranch dressing, with an olive oil and garlic base. Quite delectable. It was a bit like eating an open-faced baked potato sandwich. I'm only sorry they didn't offer an I Am the Walrus pizza.

Satisfied but not quite stuffed, we next opted for dessert at a place called Sweet!, which most definitely lived up to its name in every sense of the word. The bakery has been featured on The Food Network's Cupcake Wars, and it wasn't hard to taste why. One swallow of these suckers, and you'll find it hard to settle for cupcakes from your local grocer ever again. Wanting to try a variety, I got four mini-cupcakes, including Black and White (chocolate cake, white chips, swirled frosting) Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and my favorite, Black and Gold (yellow cake, dark chocolate frosting, caramel filling). Nice way to cup ... er, cap the night.

Coming up on Day 2 - a swing through the park known as EPCOT - Every Podiatrist Comes Out Taxed.

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  1. I should not have read this before going into the kitchen in search of breakfast...