Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Touchdown in New Orleans!

Yes, I of all people made a SPORTS reference in my headline, but NO,  I did not watch the game Monday night. I was too busy writing my Fantastic Mr. Fox movie review. A critic has his priorities, ya know.

Truth be told, the game was part of the reason my first day in NOLA was fairly uneventful.

Most of my day was spent driving, and until I got to Louisiana, there wasn't much in the way of sights to see. Again I had to content myself with my nutty MP3 player, which actually made a very savvy move.

Once I got past the Louisiana border, the first Paul McCartney song my player lighted on was "Magneto and Titanium Man" from the album Venus and Mars - which was predominantly recorded in (drum roll) - New Orleans! (cymbal crash). For those of you not up on your Wings history, that's the album with the hit "Listen to What the Man Said."


Also, once I got into the Lousiana border, the sights became as interesting as the sounds. Parts of the highway into town actually looked very much like Florida, what with all the palm trees.  Then there was the astounding Twin Span bridge I drove across, which goes for FIVE MILES over Lake Ponchartrain.

Then there's the  Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, which spans an astounding 25 miles! I may take that on my way back north just for fun!  I've never been a water person, but I find it much more fun to be OVER the water than IN it.

Not as much fun are the drivers around here. Even after only a short time, I am convinced that the city is populated predominantly by bats out of hell. One such bat even cut me off at the exit I was supposed to take to my dad's place.  These may be the most aggressive, offensive drivers I've come across - and this is coming from someone who's driven on the freeways in Chicago AND LA.

Once I got over that misdirection, I made it to the friary where my dad lives, St. Mary of the Angels in - no kidding - the Ninth Ward. I haven't been able to take a good look around here yet, but there is still blight aplenty four years later. I'll post some pics when I get the chance.

The friary itself is actually pretty nice.  My dad is the director of religious education, here's him in his office.

And this is what my room looks like:

Yes, I put the Beatles Mono CD box there for atmosphere. Had to add my personal touch!

Alas, I didn't get a chance to sight-see. Dad reasoned that since the Saints game was Monday night, there would be a lot of fans in town. I reasoned that if the Saints won, they would be rowdy. I also reasoned that if the Saints lost, they would be rowdy AND surly. Thankfully, the team was victorious, but I was assured by a local we made the right choice taking shelter.

The rains are supposed to be pretty heavy over the next day or two, so that means indoor stuff, which is fine by me. Tuesday I hope to catch the previously referenced Disney exhibit. So pardon me for now while I go and wish upon a star.


  1. Mondays are always slow in NOLA. And yes, NO and BR have the WORST drivers in the universe. Valryn Warren was there with me several times and the last time, in 2003, she refused to drive except once that was all on service roads, or the Faux French "Frontage" roads.

    They make me insane and those drivers are downright mean. Everyone in Ohio is so polite in comparison.

    Word to the wise - if you make it to BR, avoid Florida Boulevard and Airline Highway, especially where they intersect. It's like 18 straight hours of rush hour.

    Oh, for a muffaletta from Progress or Central Grocery!

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